Meeting Schedule:

Our next meeting is Tuesday September 1, 2015, 1:00 pm, at Marlboro College Graduate School in Brattleboro, VT. 


Links and Typography

with Howard Burrows

Web standards advocate, digital librarian, author Howard Burrows will extend Deborah Lee Luskin's Words on the Web talk from last spring to show how links matter, too. With some hands-on exercises, Howard will demonstrate how to build tension with links, how to support overviews and digression so as to capture and engage a larger variety of website visitors. We will explore principles of nonlinear writing (hypertext), and various issues in "mark up" and "document models", offering Five Rules of Hypertext to complement Luskin’s Five Rules for Short Writing. If time permits, he will explore "tag sets" and how they might they be used across audience sectors for Search Engine Optimization.
Howard holds a PhD in neuroscience and is working on a new web standard for science communication. He has authored a number of book indexes, articles on hypertext and hypermedia, and two articles suggesting possibilities for a new web economy.

with Laura Briedis


Exploring the basics of type, including typographic relationships between:

> Characters (letters)
> Words
> Sentences
> Paragraphs
> Pages


Rules and Terms every designer should know:

  • Categories of Fonts
  • The Principles of Combining Typefaces
  • Creating dynamic designs and visual hierarchy with type.
  • Open Type
  • Relating it all to Typography on The Web

Laura Hall Briedis helps clients grow their online business with social media marketing, visual content, branding, blogging and Wordpress.

This event will be held at 1 pm, Tuesday September 1, 2015, at Marlboro College Graduate Center, 2nd Floor, 28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, VT. There is no fee for attendance. All are welcome to attend.


Lightning Talks

Local Web Professionals Share Tips and Tools

Lightning Talks

Heidi Stanclift, owner of 4Webinc., will introduce us to BugHerd and demonstrate how her team uses it to collaborate during website builds.
Gwen Ames (developer at 4Webinc) will be sharing 'tips and tricks' when coding for responsive design.

Barb Ackemann, owner of IrisLines, will be discussing “jumping ship” - tranferring content from Joomla to Wordpress, including articles, categories, and images.

Paragon Digital Marketing will be sharing on Social Media Marketing.


Safe, Secure and Healthy Computing with Steve West

Fearless Computing

Safe, Secure and Healthy Computing with Steve West

With computers and gadgetry becoming increasingly central to operations for many individuals and businesses, the ways to keep users and data protected, secure and healthy must increase as well. From viruses and spyware to hackers, keyloggers, ransomware (terms you may not yet know) to dead hard drives and password problems (no, you can't do “password123” anymore!), there are many ways to find yourself weeping into your keyboard. This discussion will focus not only on ways to prevent data loss and secure vulnerabilities in software and internet access, but we will also spend time on ergonomics/computing posture and ways to keep yourself physically well while spending long hours in front of a computer. Some simple steps can help computer users to avoid some pretty painful scenarios and increase their knowledge of these machines we've come to rely upon so heavily.


Words on the Web with Deborah Lee Luskin

Words on the Web with Deborah Lee Luskin

Author, blogger, pen-for-hire Deborah Lee Luskin will show you how every word on the web matters – and how to make yours count. With some hands-on exercises, Luskin will demonstrate tricks of diction, word order and concision so that you can make the most of the moment to grab your audience’s interest and inform them of your purpose.
Luskin holds a PhD in English Literature and has been teaching reading, writing and thinking for thirty years. She blogs at the New Hampshire Writers’ Network, at Living In Place, and at The Middle Ages. Luskin is a regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio, and is the author of the award winning novel, Into the Wilderness. Learn more at


Media & Community with Photographer Evie Lovett

Media & Community with Photographer Evie Lovett

Evie Lovett is a photographer, artist and educator from Westminster West who describes her work as documentary portraiture.  She has photographed drag queens in Vermont; her own children; North American Indian Days on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana; the hospital in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda; Muslim Women in Paris, and more.  Her latest work uses digital media and encaustic to explore self, family, memory and history.  Her work can be seen at and


Social Media Basics with Laura Hall Briedis and Marjorie Ray

A Roundtable Presentation

Social Media Basics with Laura Hall Briedis and Marjorie Ray

Join Laura Hall Briedis and Marjorie Albrecht Ray, Co-Managers of the New England Abode User Group, for a roundtable presentation and discussion on Social Media Basics.  

A broad range of topics will be covered including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Linked-In, Instagram, Email Marketing and Blogging.  

Social Media is about content creation, connection and community.  93% of users expect a business to have an online presence, however social media is not free.  It takes people, technology and time, which are all limited resources.  Find out what the best social media strategy is for you.  Join the discussion and share your own tips and strategies with the group.  Feel free to send questions ahead of time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This event will be held Tuesday December 2, 2014 from 1 - 4 pm at Marlboro College Graduate Center, 2nd Floor, 28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, VT. There is no fee for attendance.  All are welcome to attend.

The New England Adobe User Group (NEAUG) presents workshops on Adobe Products, web development, photography, video, graphic design, social media and other web technologies. 

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