The New England Adobe User Group, formerly the Northern New England Macromedia User Group, was founded in 2001 by Neil Giarratana of Lucidus Corporation.  In late 2006, ownership of the group was turned over to Jen Kramer McKibben, then of Focused Consulting LLC, and now of 4 Web Inc. Jen moved on and left the group in the hands of group members Jil Mac and Meg McCarthy with the idea that the manager role would pass on to other group members on a rotating basis.  Barb Ackemann took Jil's place in January of 2011. Dawn Russell co-managed from August, 2012 - March 2013.  Current co-manager are Barb Ackemann, Marjorie Ray and Laura Hall Briedis.

The group has focused on Adobe/Macromedia/Allaire products, but we have an interest in all technologies used on the web.  We frequently discuss open-source software, middleware, and databases as well.

The group meets the first Tuesday of every month from 1-4 PM at the Marlboro College Graduate Center.  All are welcome to attend.  There is never any fee for attendance.   Lunch is provided, paid for by our sponsors.

Our Managers:

Barb Ackeman of Iris Lines Design believes that a web design is much more than good looks. A design involves strategy, architecture and functionality toward achieving your goals. I will work with you to design a website that advances your goals and leverages your knowledge of your business, your customers and your marketing strategies.

I bring to the process many years of web and information organization and a background in teaching. I can help you make informed decisions about your site and explain web considerations in plain English.



Marjorie Ray specializes in Small Business Management, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Videography.  For the past seventeen years she has worked as Vice President of HSP Nature Toys, manufacturer of award-winning educational toys.  Marjorie holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and Management from Harvard University, a BA in Communication and English from UMASS/Amherst, and a Graduate Certificate in Web Development from Marlboro College. In 2011, she started Codewryter Web & Video, winner of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corp Business Plan Competition.  Codewryter specializes in Business Strategy, Web Development (Joomla, Wordpress, HTML, CSS),  Online  Video, SEO & Analytics, Digital Advertising, and Social Media Marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Mailchimp, YouTube and more.

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