Are you a regular NEAUG attendee?  Have you benefited from networking with NEAUG members?

Twice a year, Adobe generously supplies NEAUG and other Adobe User Groups with 12-month subscriptions to the Creative Cloud.   This new software delivery model lets a subscriber download any of the current  -CC products and use them, along with space in the cloud for storing and sharing documents. 

NEAUG has decided to reward those who contribute most to a group in a given 6 month period with a chance to win this software. 



1. Only one software package per 18 month period.

2. At least one presentation per 6 month period to qualify for drawing

3. Book reviews and attendance will give you extra points if you've given a presentation

In December and June, all points of presenters will be entered into a drawing. For instance, 1 presentation, 1 book review, and 5 meeting attendances will earn you 16 tickets in the drawing.

In the event that no group members gave presentations in the past 5 meetings, then all members are entered in the drawing according to points earned for non-presenting participation.

  • Speaking to the group for a 1 - 1hr 15 min presentation:  10 points*
  • Recruit someone other than yourself to speak to the group: 3 points
  • 10 minute talk or panel participation: 2 points
  • Set up and clean up lunch: 1 point
  • Attend a meeting: 1 point
  • Book review (REQUIRED if you win a book in a drawing): 1 point (limit: 5 per 6 months)
  • Prepare a tutorial for the NEAUG site: up to 10 ponts
  • Suggest something!




* These presenters get a book of their choice from the schwag giveaways for the day.

Giveaways happen in June and December.  Presentations  and other contributions from December through May count towards June giveaway,  June through November count for the December giveaway.

We appreciate all you do for us! As always, tell your friends about our meetings and encourage them to come.  We'd love to meet you! And contact the managers if you'd like to get involved with the group, whether it's in one of the ways listed above, or whether you've got some other great idea for how you can give back to the group.


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