Past Meetings

Did you miss one of our meetings or want to refresh your memory on the speakers name and/or business? Below is a list of our past meetings in order of the date they were presented with the most recent being first.


Pinterest for your Business

Presented by // Jackie Raiford

Have an interest in using Pinterest for your business? Join us for an introduction to the world’s fastest growing social media site ever. Whether you’re social media savvy or internet illiterate, learn strategies for increasing awareness about and engagement with your brand. Bring your laptop to make full use of workshop activities.



Up and Running with Bootstrap

Presented by // Jen Kramer

Bootstrap, an open source front-end framework, is one of the hottest front-end frameworks for building responsive websites. Follow along and learn how to build a Bootstrap-based website from scratch, incorporating the responsive grid system, see the basic CSS in action, incorporate Javascript-based components, and customize CSS using LESS.


Drupal Basics – How to Create a basic site in Drupal

Presented by // Beth Armour

Why the university chose Drupal

Installing Drupal on local computer

Overview of building a Drupal site

·         Understanding key terms in Drupal

·         Managing content with Drupal

·         Understanding nodes

·         Creating basic content

·         Changing site information, module configuration, themes, etc.


WordPress for Developers

Presented by // Clint Warren, Allen Jezouit

  • Approximately 25% of sites built today is built on WordPress, and that number is only increasing.
  • WordPress v. Joomlav. Drupal
  • Benefits of Using WordPress for yourself and clients
  • Opportunities for Growth and Career in WordPress

Nik Plugins

Presented by // Tom Singleton

Want some cool effects for your photos?   Check out the Nik plugins now offered by Google.  In our first presentation on October 1, Tom will describe the six software plug-ins that Nik software developed and demo the use of three in some detail.



Animations in After Effects CC

Presented by // Michael Hanish

Animations in AfterEffects CC: AfterEffects is a resolution independent compositing, animation, and motion graphics application in the Creative Cloud. It can be used to create simple or complex animated graphics of any size, resolution, and format. We will survey key framing, layers, motion, and timelines, as well as some thoughts on digital story telling.

This will be the second presentation on October 1.


Resources Michael shared:  tutorials on After Effects

1001 Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Richard Harrington Book  on Premiere Pro

Jarle Leirpoll 

Creative Cow tutorials on Premiere Pro



Adobe Illustrator, Your Vector Guru

Presented by // Annesa Hartman

Annesa will present on her top favorite uses of Adobe Illustrator and why it's an essential program in any visual designers toolkit.


Web Video to promote your Business

Presented by // Marjorie Ray

Can Video Marketing help your business?
What are the types of videos and their respective uses?
Can you make a video yourself?
Where should you host your video?
How to create a YouTube Channel
How to promote your video?
Why viral isn't necessarily the goal
How to measure your progress
How to use video in email campaigns and other social media


Hashtags?!#@ What, Why, How

Presented by // Laura Briedis

This short presentation will delve into the mysterious and pervasive use of hashtags.  
Check out this talk if your curious about:
  • what a hashtag is
  • how you can use one
  • why would use one
  • how they are being used in the different social media platforms 

Google Analytics - Measuring Your Goals

Presented by // Kayleen Rossio

The data gathered by Google Analytics is invaluable, and I want to show you how to make the most of it!

Today's websites are dynamic, ever-changing environments centered around objectives and goals. But how do you know if you are meeting those goals? How do you know what should be changed on your website?

Many businesses have Google Analytics installed on their website but, they rarely look at the data being gathered, let alone have a plan for using that data.

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