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Programming Google App Engine
Dan Sanderson

Welcome folks to your friendly neighborhood book reviewer and the book I will be discussing today is called “Programming Google App Engine” (2nd Edition) by Dan Sanderson.  Before I talk to you about what this book is all about let me give you a brief summary about what the Google App Engine is.   The Google App Engine is a cloud based platform service that is use to run your web-based applications.  It supports various programming languages and popular frameworks.   It has both free and paid services and maintained by Google. 

Head First: HTML5 Programming - Building Web Apps with JavaScript
Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson

When it comes to the Head First series the first thought that comes to my mind is fun reading.  Granted, the book is technical in nature as you are learning all these new concepts and learning to code, but unlike other O'Reilly books, Head First breaks up the technical information in subtle ways, like Q&A’s, interviews, quizzes, crossword puzzles and other interactive elements that help get more out of the information that is presented then one would think.

Web Designer's Guide to Wordpress
Jesse Friedman

I met Jesse Friedman at Boston Word Camp in the fall of 2012.  His books was going to be out soon afterwards.  I enjoyed his presentation at WordCamp, and enjoyed the book as well.  A short chapter on word press theming gets you started,  other chapters in the advanced section cover featured images, thumbnails, custom fields and shortcodes.


The Wordpress Anthology
Mick Olinik & Raena Jackson Armitage

This book is pretty good. It gives a good insight on how WordPress works and I found it to be an interesting read. I've been working with WordPress exclusively for over a year now and I have to say this book is pretty spot on with what it's saying Mick and Raena have done a great job giving a down to earth point of view on everything. I'd suggest buying it.

HTML & CSS The Good Parts
Ben Henick

This book seems to be written to address those moments when you’re trying to accomplish a specific goal and the general tutorials on HTML and CSS don’t seem to be working. The problem with this book is that every time I turned to it for guidance I found myself searching, but not finding an appropriate solution for the problem at hand.

Handcrafted CSS Bulletproof Essentials
Dan Cedarholm

I find E-leaning has some real advantages to classroom learning, "Handcrafted CSS" is a great way to address some very slick additions to a site that will work on some browsers but will not cause an error on IE.

PHP for the Web (4th edition) Visual QuickStart
Larry Ullman

Great Book - at a Great Price. Larry Ullman is a wonderful author - I have many of his books and look forward to each version's upgrades. He maintains an active accompanying web site & forum http://LarryUllman.com.

Modern Javascript - Develop And Design
Larry E. Ullman

In the seven years since I have been back in the web design gig, one name has become synonymous to web design and web programming books and that is Larry Ullman. He is mostly known for his Visual Quick Pro books such as PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual Quick Pro Guide (4th Edition), MySQL, C++, PHP and so on.

Return on Engagement
Tom Frick

This book is for anyone who wants to establish a web based presence, whether its a combination of a blog page that hooks into an RSS feed and Facebook updates or a full fledged website with email marketing, autoresponders, RSS, and social media hook ins.

Photoshop CS6 The Missing Manual
Lesa Snider

All you ever wanted to know about Photoshop CS6

Programming HTML5 Applications
Zachary Kessin

With HTML5 well into power, its biggest competitor, though gaining a lot of ground is still Flash. HTMl5 applications are slowly becoming the norm. At a measly 121 pages, Programming HTML5 Applications gives you a beginning to were you should conncentrate your programming skills in order to build both Desktop and mobile apps.

HTML5 Mobile Websites: Turbocharging HTML5 with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and Other Frameworks
Matthew David

Great book to get you in the mood to begin the journey of learning to develop for Mobile Devices. It gives you examples to assist when discussing to students/clients/peers how "things are different". Developing for appliances that have a smaller screen size, changing screen size, no mouse, and the ability to read touch, gravity fluctuations, and air flow needs to start somewhere. I recommend this book.

Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web
Tim Kadlec

The book, "Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web" by Tim Kadlec © 2013 is an excellent read for me at this time. New devices and platforms emerge daily. Ideally, I hope to apply Tim Kadlec's techniques and considerations to help me create future-friendly, multi-screen web experiences.

100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People
Susan Weinschenk

I will say this, I think the author, Ph.D Susan Weinschenk is going easy on us the readers and in short web designers/developers as well, but the question is how does this relate to the web design/develop world?

HTML5 Mobile Websites
Matthew David

Great starter book for the phone and tablet world and a HTML 5 answer source book.

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