Safe, Secure and Healthy Computing with Steve West

Fearless Computing

With computers and gadgetry becoming increasingly central to operations for many individuals and businesses, the ways to keep users and data protected, secure and healthy must increase as well. From viruses and spyware to hackers, keyloggers, ransomware (terms you may not yet know) to dead hard drives and password problems (no, you can't do “password123” anymore!), there are many ways to find yourself weeping into your keyboard. This discussion will focus not only on ways to prevent data loss and secure vulnerabilities in software and internet access, but we will also spend time on ergonomics/computing posture and ways to keep yourself physically well while spending long hours in front of a computer. Some simple steps can help computer users to avoid some pretty painful scenarios and increase their knowledge of these machines we've come to rely upon so heavily.

Steve West began Fearless Computing in 2000 with the simple awareness that home and business computers users really had few options when things went wrong. A self-taught computer wrangler, he left his position as Data Manager at Early Education Services in Brattleboro, VT and began traveling to homes and businesses in SE Vermont and SW New Hampshire. With a background and education in the mental health field, Steve doesn't “talk geek” at his clients, and works to empower and educate his clients to do what they can to make their computing experience hassle-free and efficient. Fifteen years later, Steve has hundreds of area clients and keeps up with the latest shifts in technology and software.

Steve is also a songwriter and the former host of WKVT-AM 1490's “Live And Local” talk show in Brattleboro from 2006 to 2013.

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