Words on the Web with Deborah Lee Luskin

Author, blogger, pen-for-hire Deborah Lee Luskin will show you how every word on the web matters – and how to make yours count. With some hands-on exercises, Luskin will demonstrate tricks of diction, word order and concision so that you can make the most of the moment to grab your audience’s interest and inform them of your purpose.
Luskin holds a PhD in English Literature and has been teaching reading, writing and thinking for thirty years. She blogs at the New Hampshire Writers’ Network, at Living In Place, and at The Middle Ages. Luskin is a regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio, and is the author of the award winning novel, Into the Wilderness. Learn more at www.deborahleeluskin.com

This event will be held at 1pm, Tuesday April 7th, 2015 at Marlboro College Graduate Center, 2nd Floor, 28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, VT. There is no fee for attendance.  All are welcome to attend.


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PRESENTERS!  We have had so many great speakers this past year and really appreciate the time and effort they put into their talks.  Each speaker received one of our sponsored books from the many great publishers who support our group.  Speakers also receive 10 points towards winning a one year free subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

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